Oguni uses its specialty Oguni Cedar as the theme of the region's design. There are many construction projects taking place which use the potential of Oguni Cedar, mainly focused on public facilities.

At Michi-no-eki Oguni Yu Station, visitors can buy specialty products and learn about the region. At the Forestry Cooperative Center, you can learn all about forestry and lumber; it is also the office of the Ogunimachi Forestry Cooperative. The Oguni Dome is an establishment used for events including sports and concerts. All three of these structures were built with plans made by Architect and Designer Shoei Yo that incorporate newly developed timber space truss construction.

You can see many other examples of buildings made with Oguni Cedar.

The souvenir store Piramitto is managed directly by JA and uses the specialty products of the region to their fullest. It is located on high ground that offers a view of the center of town. Here visitors can have a meal or go on a tour to see how dairy products are made.

The former Nishisato Elementary school is special. It is shaped with all multipurpose rooms facing the center, where classrooms are gathered. The Ogunimachi Neighborhood Center (Rinpokan) is a place for residents to get advice about their daily lives and it is a center for human rights awareness.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Shokoukaikan) located nearby is a cutting-edge institution for the promotion of local shopping districts. It has a new, unique shape with its wooden structure and sharp angles.

The Forest Maintenance and Management Center is a facility used as PR for functions that benefit the public such as the protection, nuturing, and maintenance of Oguni's numerous forests.

Michi-no-eki Oguni Yu Station(道の駅 小国 ゆうステーション)

At Michi-no-eki Oguni Yu Station, visitors can buy specialty products and learn about the region. Eyes are drawn to the building with its exterior covered in mirror glass. Shops are located on the first floor, and information for tourists is on the second floor; this place is a collection of information about Oguni as well as its unique products.


Ogunimachi Forestry Cooperative(Ogunimachi Shinrin Kumiai/小国町森林組合)

At the Forestry Cooperative Center, you can learn all about forestry and lumber; it is also the office of the Ogunimachi Forestry Cooperative.  Not only is the building made of Oguni Cedar, but the chairs and tables are as well. Your body will be surrounded by the distinctive, comforting aroma of cedar. 


Oguni Dome(小国ドーム)

Events such as sports games or concerts are held at Oguni Dome. The limber space truss ceiling design is gathering attention from all over the country, as it is the largest one in Japan.



Mokkonkan is a residential study center that was built with a box beam construction. The technique was inpired by one of Oguni's traditional construction methods, "Okiyane". The Kitasato Paran is located nearby. It is an exchange hall focused on food and health. On the first floor, you can enjoy food made with plenty of local ingredients. On the other floors, you can relax in natural hot spring baths.