Kyukokutetsu Miyanoharu Line Walking(旧国鉄宮原線ウォーキング)

The Konogawa Bridge walking course utilizes the site of the Kyukokutetsu Miyanoharu Line; the tunnels and arch bridges of the discontinued line remain as they were when active; visitors can experience the atmosphere of that time when on the course. The highlight of the course is walking through nature and hearing the songs of the birds while looking for plants. There are many attractions on the course, including Konogawa bridge (Chikkinkyo), a bridge made with bamboo reinforcement instead of steel reinforcement.


For questions

Contact Mokkonkan at 0967-46-5560


No later than one week prior to desired date. Groups of ten or more only.


¥10,000 for up to 20 people. ¥5,000 extra for more than 20.


 ·Please be careful to avoid injury and accidents on the trail.
 ·Please understand that you are responsible for your safety.

 ·Please use parking lots and bathrooms available at Mokkonkan and the Michi-no-eki Oguni-Yu station.

Rules for walking
 ·Please don't litter; bring your garbage with you.
 ·Please use common courtesy when smoking and use a portable ashtray.
 ·Please be gentle to plants and animals.
 ·Please be careful not to disturb locals when passing through residential areas.
 ·Please don't enter the discontinued track site when the sun starts to set.

Sedona meguri(背戸屋めぐり)

A "sedoya" is a passageway joining the service doors of people's homes. With a hint of Showa era nostalgia, "sedoya meguri" is a guided tour of Tsuetate Onsen's sedoya, for a unique taste of the local culture that's hard to come by through normal tourism.


(Michikusa guides' association)

Contact : Tsuetate Onsen Tourism Board 0967-48-0206
Reservation : By the day before
Fee : 500JPY per person


One of the key traditions of Tsuetate Onsen as a medicinal onsen is in the use of the steam to create steamed cuisine. A great variety of food can be prepped at the various "mushi-ba" installed around the town. Treat yourself to healthy, delicious steamed cooking.

The steam from the onsen at the "mushi-ba" can be used to steam potatoes, eggs and vegetables.

(How to use the "mushi-ba")
1. The steam from the mushi-ba is very hot. Take care not to burn yourself.

2. Please keep the mushi-ba clean.

3. Please take all leftovers and rubbish with you.

Oguni Rakuraku Cycling(おぐに楽々サイクリング)

How about enjoying the small charms of Oguni-machi, which can't be felt while driving a car, while cycling leisurely? You can cycle comfortably through Oguni-machi's hilly streets if you use a motor-assisted bicycle.


Rent-a-cycle locations
 ・Michi-no-Eki Oguni Yuu Station    tel:0967-46-4111
 ・Mokkonkan                                    tel:0967-46-5560
 ・Sakamoto Zenzo Art Museum       tel:0967-46-5732


 ・2 hours ¥300 / 4 hours ¥500 / 8 hours ¥800
  ※Must show ID on pick-up

 ・Rent-a-cycle business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

 ・You may be charged an additional fee if your return is late

 ・Although Rent-a-cycles are inspected regularly, please be sure to check the handles, breaks, and overall riding safety before using.

 ・Please be sure to lock the bike when leaving it anywhere. In the case of loss or theft, you will be required to pay compensation.

 ・In case of loss, theft, or accident, please contact the rental company promptly, take appropriate measures prescribed by laws and regulations and take responsibility to try to resolve the accident .

 ・Please follow road traffic laws and ride safely. Please use caution, as we do not take any responsibility in the case of an accident.


Tsuetate Onsen is known and loved since ancient times for its "mushi-yu" (steam bath), using the plentiful water and high temperatures of the spring.

This is not something you find in other regions. It's like a sauna, but you can also expect all the benefits of a normal onsen. The traditional "mushi-yu" involves stepping through a small door and finding your way through a cloud of steam to a small room; here, you lie down to promote healthy metabolism throughout your entire body. Compared to a normal onsen, where you can only get in up to your neck, you can expect your whole body to enjoy the benefits of the onsen.

The "mushi-yu" is at a lower temperature and higher humidity than a normal sauna, with less strain on your circulation. It promotes healthy blood flow and sweating, all raising your metabolism. This is why it was also known as a "bijin-yu" (beauty bath) back in the day, and was even used to cure colds. We hope you'll take time to enjoy the all natural steam of the "mushi-yu", you're sure to get hooked!


【How to enjoy the "mushi-yu"】

1. Before entering the steam bath, wash your whole body with the onsen water. We thank you for your cooperation in keeping the baths hygienic.

2. Confirm the temperature inside. If it's too hot, douse yourself with hot water beforehand, cold water if it's too cold.

3. 5–10 minutes is a good length of time to stay in the steam.
*A glass of water beforehand helps prevent dehydration. Take a pail of water and a towel with you. Douse the towel and place it on your mouth for easier breathing.

4. Spread yourself wide as you lie down for maximum effect.
*We ask you to mind other customers.

5. After bathing, use the onsen to wash away the sweat.