Kitasato Shibasaburou Memorial(北里柴三郎記念館)

The Kitasato Shibasaburo Memorial is the birthplace of Doctor Kitasato, who was from Oguni-machi, and contains the renovated Kitasato Bunko (library) donated to Oguni-machi by the doctor himself.

This facility is located in the premises where the doctor's house was built in 1916, and where the Kitazato Bunko was located. In 1987, the Kitasato Institute and Kitasato Academy which continues the doctor's studies, took center stage in restoring his birthplace. The Kitasato Bunko is used to display items left by the doctor, and was donated to Oguni-machi.


Ippan Zaidan Houjin Manabiyanosato(一般財団法人学びやの里)

There are also places to learn in Oguni-machi. The "Oguni-machi Nature School" for elementary schoolers and pre-schoolers to study the nature of the mountains in Kyuushuu, and the "Ururun Taiken" for middle schoolers from Kitakyushu to stay with farmers in Oguni-machi to experience farm work and living. We also hold "Mura no kurashi kenkyu" (study of how to live in a small town) lectures to learn about resettlement, regional revitalization, and natural energy.