Oguni Jersey Milk(小国ジャージー牛乳)

Agricultre and forestry are the main industries of Oguni. One part of Oguni's agriculture, the production of Oguni Jersey milk, has a history of 60 years. In 1957, 98 Jersey cows were imported from Australia. There are currently about 1200 cows. The milk these cows produce is rich in flavor and very nutritious. It is used in yogurt and ice cream and has become popular among many regions.


Oguni's forestry industry dates back to 1750. It began with an order from the Higo clan to plant 25 cedar trees per family. Now, about 78% of the town is covered with mountain forests. Oguni-cedar wood has a good color, and its fragrance and texture is known to aid in activating the body's immune system. Therefore, it is used in columns and planks as a construction material that is good for the body.

Visits to the forests and pruning experiences are held during production site tours sponsored by the Ogunimachi Forestry Cooperative.