Shibasaburo Kitasato(北里柴三郎)

Oguni is the hometown of Shibasaburo Kitasato, a leading expert in the medical world. His home is on display in the Kitasato Shibasaburo Memorial Museum. Also on display are the Kitasato Library, which he built and paid for for the benefit of the young children in his hometown, and the home he used for hosting guests, where he also used to stay when he returned home. Currently his keepsakes are permanent exhibits.



Zenzo Sakamoto(坂本善三)

Zenzo Sakamoto was an abstract painter known as "The Gray Painter" and "Silent man of the Orient". His works are deeply rooted in nature and the features of his hometown; they have received critical acclaim overseas as unique Japanese works. He continued to create art in Kumamoto until his death and left his mark in the world of Kumamoto art."