Oguniryo Shrine(小国両神社)

This shrine is dedicated to Amemiya, the mother of the two gods who created the land of Oguni, Takahahi no Miya and Hi no Miya. The Gion Festival is held here in July. In October, the annual Autumn festival is held; it has a history of over 250 years.

Many festivals are held in Oguni, including a hometown Atumn Festival to go
along with Oguniryo Shrine's annual Autumn Festival.

The hometown Autumn Festival (mid-October) is Oguni's largest festival. It has become a lively event that many locals participate in as well as tourists can watch, eat and enjoy the experience.


Hokonomiya and Hokonosha(鉾納宮/鉾納社)

Hokonomiya gets its name from its origin: A long time ago, two golden halberds (hoko in Japanese) were discovered and were worshipped nearby. Surrounded by large and old trees, before the main shrine there are two large cedar trees that look as if they were competing in size. They are called "Coupled Cedars". On the premises there are also Zelkova trees that have been designated Natural Monuments by the town of Oguni.