Kyukokutetsu Miyanoharu Line Kyoryogun(旧国鉄宮原線 橋梁群)

There are a number of filled-spandrel arch bridges made of concrete remaining in the town of Oguni; they were built in the early Showa period (late 1930s-early 1940s). Originally railroad bridges, they were part of the Kyukokutetsu Miyanoharu Line, the first Kyushu line to be discontinued in November 1984. The railroad path through the mountainous area consisted of alternating tunnels and bridges. These structures symbolically recount the modernization of these mountainous regions. The bridges in particular are historically significant in their showing of civil engineering techniques of the time used to their fullest. Konogawa bridge (Chikkinkyo), which was made with bamboo reinforcement instead of steel reinforcements, is a representative example.

Kyukokutetsu Miyanoharu Line Walking(旧国鉄宮原線ウォーキング)

The Konogawa Bridge walking course utilizes the site of the Kyukokutetsu Miyanoharu Line; the tunnels and arch bridges of the discontinued line remain as they were when active; visitors can experience the atmosphere of that time when on the course. The highlight of the course is walking through nature and hearing the songs of the birds while looking for plants. There are many attractions on the course, including Konogawa bridge (Chikkinkyo), a bridge made with bamboo reinforcement instead of steel reinforcement.


For questions

Contact Mokkonkan at 0967-46-5560


No later than one week prior to desired date. Groups of ten or more only.


¥10,000 for up to 20 people. ¥5,000 extra for more than 20.

 ·Please be careful to avoid injury and accidents on the trail.
 ·Please understand that you are responsible for your safety.

 ·Please use parking lots and bathrooms available at Mokkonkan and the Michi-no-eki Oguni-Yu station.

Rules for walking
 ·Please don't litter; bring your garbage with you.
 ·Please use common courtesy when smoking and use a portable ashtray.
 ·Please be gentle to plants and animals.
 ·Please be careful not to disturb locals when passing through residential areas.
 ·Please don't enter the discontinued track site when the sun starts to set.