Keyaki Suigen(けやき水源)

Keyaki Suigen is a spring that gushes from the foundation of a Zelkova tree said to be about 1000 years old. In 2011, the water source was chosen for a Kumamoto Water and Green Scenery Award. A water god is worshipped there.

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Kagamigaike is a spring with clean, cool water located along the road to Oguniryo Shrine and is reached via the narrowest road in town. It is said that a long time ago, Komatsu Nyoin, granddaughter of Emperor Daigo, wished to meet the one she loved and threw a mirror into the water, as did the 11 waiting maids accompanying her. Now, women who are in love toss a coin into the water and pray to meet their beloved. 

It is said that visiting the three sites of luck—Ebisu worshipped
at Kagamigaike, Oguniryo Shrine, and the water god of Keyaki Suigen located nearby— you will win the lottery.

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