Nabegataki Falls(鍋ヶ滝)

Nabegataki is 10 meters high and 20 meters wide. There is a path that leads behind the waterfall, so you can see it from behind. The view of the trees and sunshine through the curtain of falling water invokes the healing power of a walk through the woods.

Said to have been formed by a large eruption about 90,000
years ago, the waterfall has reached its current shape over a long time. The hard bedrock at the top of the waterfall and the soft rock underneath continue to erode as the waterfall gradually changes its shape.

There is an event where the waterfall is illuminated, the "Nabegataki Light-up", held only during the spring season.


(Nabegataki Park)

Entrance fee


Adults (High school students and older) ¥200,
Children (Elementary -Middle School students)¥100, Free for younger children
Park hours 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Last entry: 4:30 p.m.)
Parking 48 spots *Cannot fit large buses
Closing days End of the year/New year (12/28-1/3)
Note Please be cautious of falling rocks or slipping when going behind the waterfall or traversing water.
During floods or heavy rain warnings, the park could be temporarily closed due to excess water.


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Yusuikyo is a ravine located in the headwaters of the Chikugo River. It is made of welded tuff created from pyroclastic deposits from a bedrock riverbed in the north part of the Aso Caldera. It is rich with various waterfalls and plentiful springs. There is a different way to appreciate its beauty every season.

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Shimojodaki overlaps with a tributary of the Tsuetate River and the Momiki River; it is a dynamic waterfall that drops water 40 meters off the edge of a cliff.
You can see it from right next to the Shimojo Oicho. It is worth taking a look at the torrent flowing from Nabekamadaki to Shimojodaki.

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