How to enjoy the onsen

1. Drink a glass of water before bathing.
When you take a bath, you sweat a lot and your blood becomes more viscous. Make sure you hydrate with a glass of water before and after bathing.

2. Douse yourself with water beforehand and wash your entire body in the washing area.
Before bathing, you should douse your body with hot water, starting with the parts furthest from your heart like hands and feet. This is to get your body used to the heat of the onsen. Also, try to take as little dirt and grime with you into the bathing area.

3. Don't bathe for a long time in one go, split it up.
A good way to warm up thoroughly is to split up your bathing session up. This is a great way to prevent overheating.
Try bathing 5 minutes, 8 minutes and then 3 minutes.

4. After bathing, don't wash everything away, simply dry yourself off.


After bathing in an onsen, some of it continues to be absorbed through the skin. To absorb as much fresh active ingredients as possible, spend the last 3 minutes close to where the hot water comes out, and then simply dry yourself off with a towel without washing everything away with water.

Onsen manners — Clean, quiet, shared

  • Please avoid bathing immediately after eating or drinking alcohol
  • Swimsuits are not allowed in the onsen.
  • Please refrain from putting cold water into the onsen when it feels hot.
  • Please do not put towels inside the water.
  • Ensure long hair is tied back and doesn't fall into the onsen.
  • Please do not swim in the onsen.
  • Guests with tattoos are asked to use the private baths instead.
  • Please dry yourself off properly before entering the changing area.