Waita Onsen

Wait Onsen(わいた温泉)

Waita Onsen-kyo is located at the base of Waita-zan (Mt. Waita), also known as the Fuji of Oguni. It is home to a large number of unique onsens.

Hagenoyu Onsen is located 760m above sea level, springing from the plateaux west of Waita-zan. The views from the ryokans are breathtaking, and you can enjoy the great outdoors of the Aso area.

Waita Onsen-kyo has many popular private baths available 24 hours a day, featuring a coin-operated system with a timer.

There's also a variety of family baths with water drawn freely from the source, including rock baths, hinoki timber baths, cut stone baths etc.

At Takenoyu onsen at the base of Waita-zan, natural steam blowing out of the ground is used for heating and traditional cooking.

The high temperature steam has become an essential part of life for local residents, used for both cooking and heating.

Yamakawa onsen features a sulfurous source with cloudy water, and leads to a sediment forming in the water ("yunohana").

There are also others like Jigokudani Onsen, Asozuru Onsen, and Suzugatani Onsen.

The Nuruyu Onsen at Kitasato is a shared bathing facility with no accommodation. The bath is tiled with round stones.

Around the beginning of June, it is possible to see fireflies near the rivers around "Hotarunosato Onsen", located in Yamakawa Onsen. The "Waita Onsen Hotaru Matsuri" (early June) is known for the gentle ambience of bamboo lanterns while watching the fireflies.

At the "Waita Onsen Kansha Matsuri" (26th October), expect plenty of local food to be served to visitors as we express our appreciation for the onsen.

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Yukemuri Chaya(ゆけむり茶屋)

Yukemuri Chaya is a day-use onsen facility in Waita Onsen. The cafeteria offers all sorts of local steamed delicacies and onsen eggs. The Waita Onsen Union also offers tourism advice for the Waita Onsen-kyo area.

Address Nishizato Dakenoyu 2816, Ogunimachi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
Phone 0967-46-5750
Opening hours Onsen  9:00–12:00, Meals 11:00–18:00
Closed Thursdays (open when it is a public holiday)